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7 Strand Braiding Disk - Riverside Beads

7 Braid Kumihimo Disk

Have you ever used our 7 braid disk for your kumihimo projects? This disk, also known as as ‘fill the gap’ or 7 Strand Kumihimo, has been designed and manufactured by the team at Riverside Beads. The disk offers a simpler way to create 7 Strand Braided Kumihimo designs.

How do I use the disk?

This flower shaped Kumihimo disk has 8 slots compared to 32 on a standard round Kumihimo disk. This new disk is marked with numbers one to eight to guide you as you work with your seven strands of cord. 

In this type of braid you will use seven slots and leave one empty. Choose seven colours of cord and place the cords in numbers 1-7, leaving 8 free. Position 1 at the top, move the cord from position 1 into position 8.  Rotate the disk so position 2 is now at the top and move the cord into the gap (position 1). Continue to work through the numbers to create your braid.

The 7 Strand Kumihimo Disk is available to buy by clicking here. A wide range of cords are also available to purchase by clicking here.

What do I need to get started with kumihimo?

Kumihimo is a popular braiding technique used in jewellery making, particularly for making bracelets. Donna McKean Smith, owner of Riverside Beads and Crafts, has written and published two books specialising in this versatile technique. The latest book is a Beginners Guide to Kumihimo, which includes step by step instructions on a variety of braids which can be used to create 12 stunning pieces of jewellery. It also explains how to use a circular disk and our 7 strand disk on one of the twelve projects included. We would highly recommend our bundle as a great kit to get started with. It includes everything you need to explore this technique and create beautiful bracelets (the book, circular disk, satin cord, end caps and a beaded bracelet kit), available by clicking here.

Ready to give it a go?

Riverside stock a huge range of kumihimo kits designed to help you learn and develop this technique. In a variety of colours and styles, there is a kit for everyone! Our kits are designed for even the beginner beader, complete with detailed sets of step by step instructions and all the materials you need to create the projects! Click here to browse our extensive kumihimo collection.

 To learn more about Kumihimo, including free tutorials and guidance, please click here.

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