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How To Choose a Thread for Bead Weaving

Bead weaving is a technique used to create intricate and detailed designs using beads. The beads are strung onto a thread or cord and then woven together using various techniques to create a finished piece of jewellery or decorative item.  One of the most important decisions a beader must make is choosing the right thread for their project. Different threads offer different benefits and it’s also important to understand the pros and cons of each type in order to select what it is right for you.

What are the options for bead weaving thread?

Here are the pros and cons of 3 of the popular threads we like to use here at Riverside Beads.  We hope this will help you to choose the best thread for your bead weaving project.

Riverside Beads has a wide selection of beading thread options which you can find here.

Here are 3 popular thread options for bead weaving.

  1. Nymo: Nymo thread is a popular and affordable choice for bead weaving because of its strength, durability and has a wide variety of colours to choose from.  It is important to condition Nymo thread before use.  The most common method is using beeswax.  As well as the huge range of colours to choose from, Nymo sizes can vary.  The most popular size D is stocked here at Riverside Beads.
    Nymo Beading Thread Set 2 - Riverside Beads
  2. K-O: K-O thread is pre-waxed thread made in Japan.  It is known and loved for being tangle and abrasion resistance and can also be knotted tightly and securely. The colourfast thread works great with size 10 or 12 beading needles. Thinner than our Nymo size D, K-O thread is a great choice for bead weaving.
    Black KO Nylon Thread - Riverside Beads
  3. Wildfire: Wildfire thread is a pre-waxed thread, made from a very strong fibre with zero-stretch. This thread will not fray and is also great for projects requiring strength. If you require some flexibility in your work, WildFire may not be the best option for you.  Therefore, Nymo or K-O may be more suitable.  We have a range of colours of Wildfire threads stocked here at Riverside.Wildfire Bonded Bead Weaving Thread - Frost 0.20mm - 0.008in - Riverside Beads

Which is the best thread for beading?

Want to learn more about beading?

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