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Using Digital Platforms

In today’s digitally-driven world, learning a new skill has never been more accessible. The realm of jewellery making offers a shimmering canvas for creative expression. Thanks to platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Zoom and TikTok, the journey of mastering this craft has been transformed into an interactive and engaging experience.


With its huge collection of tutorials and how-to videos, YouTube stands as the starting point for aspiring jewellery makers. From beginner-friendly tutorials on basic wire wrapping to in-depth guides on advanced metalworking and gemstone setting, YouTube provides a wealth of resources to fuel creative exploration. With a simple click, learners can access hours of expert instruction, empowering them to master new skills at their own pace and on their own terms.

Youtube can be accessed via the desktop or downloaded as an app. Riverside have their very own Youtube channel with a huge range of jewellery making tutorials available. Click here to find out more.



Facebook is a great hub for nurturing communities, encouraging conversation and sharing resources with the jewellery making community. Through groups, pages and live events, artisans can connect with peers, seek advice and stay informed about the latest trends and techniques in the world of jewellery design.

Riverside uses Facebook to keep our lovely customers up to date with all our latest product releases and events, and even run competitions, giveaways and more! Each month we host 2 live events; one for our monthly Bead Box reveal and our Live Auction which is great fun. We also use Facebook live for our in-depth members tutorials. Our fabulous community group page is made up of 3000 members who love to share their creations. You can view the page by clicking here.






Tiktok, the vibrant and relatively new social platform, where creativity reigns supreme in bite-sized bursts of video content. TikTok offers a different kind of inspiration—one that’s quick, quirky, and endlessly entertaining.

Here, jewellery makers can showcase their skills, share their creations, and offer sneak peeks into their creative process through short-form videos. From mesmerising time-lapse clips of intricate beadwork to playful challenges that push the boundaries of design, TikTok serves as a dynamic hub for sparking creativity and connecting with a global audience.


Zoom allows people to come together from all corners of the globe to learn, create and connect via virtual jewellery making classes and workshops. Lockdown saw the rise of Teams and Zoom, and Riverside utilised these fantastic platforms to continue running our classes and 1 to 1 sessions. We still continue to run some of our classes through zoom for our customers that are unable to join us in person. You can check out any available online workshops here.

In this digital age, the opportunities for learning and connecting are boundless. Embrace the versatility of jewellery making across YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and Zoom letting these platforms guide you on a journey of creativity, discovery, and self-expression. Keep an eye out on our social media for any upcoming online events.

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