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New Workshop Schedule 2020

Hello Beautiful Beaders,

I’ve just got back from the printers with my new workshop schedule 2020. It seems scary to be saying 2020 (the FUTURE! Lol), this year has just flown past.

The new workshop schedule is very exciting! There are so many new and fabulous classes to attend. I’m going to be very poor as I need to get myself booked on pretty much all of them….if only time permitted!
Here’s a few of my ‘Workshops to Watch’:-
Alcohol inks workshop
Alcohol Inks Workshop
This is a form of marbling, using fabulous alcohol inks. Marbling is an age old art whereby you float ink onto liquid to create a pattern. A sheet of paper is then carefully placed on the ink and the pattern transfers to the paper.
The process was first developed in ancient China and Japan, before reaching Europe in the seventeenth century. Back then marbled paper was used for things like covering books. The patterned paper ensured that the books were protected. You can still see this in some rare book stores today.
Marbling became popular as a home decoration tool in the nineteenth century after the publication of ‘The Art of Marbling’ by Charles Woolnough in 1853.
In this new workshop Caroline will show you how to play with the inks, watching how they move and interact. You’ll create your own piece of art work, that can be used in your own creative projects. Scrapbooking, home decor, card making – all you’ll need is an apron and a creative heart. ❤️
WHEN: Tuesday 11th Feb 10-12
Crochet workshop
Crochet Crazy 2020
I’m obsessed with crochet. From remembrance poppies to vintage cardigans, I love it all. It’s such an intricate and delicate skill. I can’t wait to get my crochet ON!
If you’ve always wanted to learn how to crochet then why not sign up for this brand new class. Anne Marie will start you off with the basic crochet stitches and show you lots of special tips and tricks of the trade.
There’s a few dates on offer. Click here to find out more 
Embroidery Elephant
Embroidery Elephant Workshop
Embroidery is another beautiful skill I’ve yet to master. I always remember my great Aunt embroidering images of peacocks and gardens. She learnt the skill at school, and it was a popular pastime back in those days. It’s even said to date back to China in the 3rd century BC.
No such luck with our modern day curriculum but thankfully you can still join Heidi to create this all new bead embroidery project. She’ll show you how to use beads and crystals to embellish this stunning embroidery project.
WHEN: Saturday 1st February and Friday 19th June 10-2pm
Ribbon Embroidery workshop
Ribbon Embroidery
If you can’t make Heidi’s workshop then fear not, because Norma has a wondrous new class for you. She’s got all the skills to help you develop your embroidery skills and embellish your designs with ribbon embroidery flowers.
Norma will show you how to hand tie each little flower. She’ll offer advice on which embroidery stitches to use and how to attach and place your ribbon flowers once your piece is complete.
WHEN: Friday 13th March and Friday 3rd July 10-3pm
Creative Birdhouse
Creative Birdhouse Workshop
Our little feathered friends need to be fed and watered. So why not give theme a luxury penthouse, rather than a dull old pond?
The lady for the job? Crafty Lou Molesworth of course! Lou has years of crafting experience. She’ll show you how to make and decorate your very own beautiful birdhouse. You’ll be able to use distress inks, paints, die cutting and much more to embellish your decorative bird house.
WHEN: Sunday 23rd February 11-4pm
Gelli plate workshop
Gettin’ Gelli with it
I must confess that I had never heard of Gelli plate printing until Caroline told me about it. Apparently it derives from monoprinting on gelatin plates, popular with artisan printmakers. However gelatin deteriorates, making that option an unsustainable product design for us thrifty crafters!
Then along came Gelli Printing Plates which are actually reusable printing surfaces. They look, feel, and react like a gelatin plate, but are made of a unique plastic that contains mineral oil.
Caroline’s new class shows you how to use and get creative with the Gelli Plates. Each piece you create will be unique and one of a kind. You can use as artwork or deconstruct and use in other card making and scrapbooking projects. The worlds your Gelli plate!
WHEN: Tuesday 12th May 10-2pm
Jewellery workshop
New Jewellery Workshop
If you’ve already been on one of my starter jewellery making workshops then this is the perfect next class. You’ll be focusing on extending your skill set with pieces such as charm pendants, multi-strand necklaces and charm bracelets.
I can’t tell you how much you’ll learn from attending one of these workshops. The hints and tips that you glean from not just the tutorial but each other are second to none. It really is the fastest and best way to learn jewellery making in my opinion.
WHEN: Tuesday April 10th and Wednesday 12th February 10-2pm
The new workshop schedule has oodles and oodles more fabulous classes. There’s sewing projects, paint pouring, new silver clay art classes, seascape picture and spring wreath creating. Plus there’s a new follow on resin workshop and more beautiful felting projects with Eve Marshal. It’s going to be an epic creative 2020!! Just click here to see the new workshop schedule for yourself.
Until the next time my beautiful creative elves, Happy Workshopping!
Donna Xx
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