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Christmas Beading Projects

Hello Beautiful Beaders,

Christmas is coming and it’s time to get seriously crafty with our Beading! The thing I love about Beads is how versatile they can be. It’s not just charms and earrings and necklaces that you can make. Whether you’re looking for a unique Christmas gift or just some festive finishing touches of your own, Beads are the way forward and this week I’m going to share my favourite Christmas Beading crafts.

Wine Glass Charms

This is an easy one which makes a super cute gift or an essential party accessory. These simple charms hook simply on to the bottom of your wine glass. You make each one different so that when you place your drink down at a party you can identify it easily.
Identify Your Glass
To make a set of six of the wine charms you’ll need six of each of the following:-
Earring hoops
Jump rings
Charms of your choice
Open each jump ring using your round nosed pliers. Add a charm on to the jump ring and close securely.
Riverside Tree Charm
Then thread jump ring on to the earring hoop and there you have it. So easy and so cute!
Beaded Bauble
This is one of my absolute favorites. You basically use seed beads to encase a plastic or glass bauble in a beaded net. The outcome is a beautifully intricate looking, almost lace effect.
Beaded Bauble
The best way to create one of these is to buy one of our beaded Bauble Net kits here. You get everything you need to make 10 nets (baubles not included). The kits come in Riverside teal or lavender colour options but once you’ve got the knack you can make yours in which ever colour you desire.
Christmas Tie Backs 
I’ve been making Christmas tie backs for years. They range from simple ribbon affairs to intricate three row seed bead masterpieces.
This one is a little more of a starter project. To make one pair of tie backs you’ll need:-
40 x 2cm diameter beads of your choice
2 x 60cm lengths of 0.5cm ribbon (or Satin cord) to match your beads
Take one piece of your ribbon and fold back one end by 10cm. Tie a knot in the doubled up ribbon to create a loop about 5cm long.
Create a ribbon loop
Thread 20 of your beads onto the ribbon ensuring that you pull the left over loop end through the first few beads to hide it away.
When you get to the last bead double up the ribbon as before to make a loop the same size as your original one. Thread the excess ribbon through the end beads for neatness.
Teardrop end bead
Repeat with the second ribbon length and left over beads. Get creative by using Beads which increase and decrease in size. Why not finish each end with a teardrop shaped Bead or an ornate metal option?
Santa and Mrs Claus Charms
It would be remise of me not to mention our latest Christmas charm kits. These cuties are only £14.99 and make a whopping 20 pieces.
Mrs Santa
Santa! I know him!
There’s not only Santa but also Mrs Claus as well! They make fab bag charms, wine charms, tree decorations or even whopping earrings. Lol
To get yours before they sell out click here.
It wouldn’t be almost Christmas without me giving you an early gift. I know how expensive this time of year can be so please have 10% off of all online purchases, on me! All you have to do is enter the coupon ‘mince pie’ at the checkout. Please note that workshops are not included in this promotion.
If that’s not enough of me and my Christmas vibe for one week then you can tune into Create and Craft TV this Wednesday at 9am. I’ll be there bringing live beading techniques to you. So be sure to watch or set your tv to record for later.
If you have any cute Christmas projects that you’d like to share with us please feel free to comment below. I’d love to feature your work and ideas in future blogs running up to Christmas.
Until next time my lovelies…Happy Beading!
Xx Donna
To see Donna on Create and Craft TV go to Freesat 813 Virgin 748 Freeview 23 Sky 683
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