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Making to sell. Is it worth it?

An increasing number of individuals are exploring avenues to turn their creative passions into profit and the art of transforming raw materials into jewellery presents an opportunity to build a thriving business. However, it important to consider the reasons behind venturing down this path. Is it for financial benefit? Perhaps it is to express creativity? Identifying the objectives and motivations behind setting up a jewellery-making business is key to deciding if it is right for you.

Why make jewellery to sell?

There are many reasons as to why people may choose to sell their makes. Here is a small selection of common motivations for setting up this kind of business.

Financial Gain – Being able to build a business from a hobby and passion is an attractive feature for most people.

Creativity and Personalisation – Handmade jewellery targets those who appreciate uniqueness when compared to the productions of larger companies in the industry. The huge market for handmade jewellery typically makes small businesses in this field successful.

Accessible – Setting up a handmade jewellery business is arguably one of the less risky business ventures in todays commercialised society. There are relatively low costs associated with setting up this type of business. To start up this kind of business you typically need basic tools, a dedicated workspace and time!

There are numerous other advantages when making jewellery to sell including flexibility to fit into pre-existing lifestyle, independence, and a sense of personal fulfilment, however it is also important to consider the possible negatives associated with such venture.


There are also considerations to think about before deciding to sell your makes. Here are a few suggestions.

Balancing Passion with Business – Making handmade projects can be time-consuming. Meeting demands and deadlines can sometimes take away the creative aspect and enjoyment individuals get from completion.

Popular Market – Building a recognisable brand and gaining loyal customers requires effort.

Inconsistent Income – The nature of the industry means jewellery-making as a business can be very inconsistent. Constant change in trends, seasonal fluctuations and economic factors can impact sales and therefore offer a less stable income.


Where can I sell?

There are many places to sell both online and in person. The more popular places include craft fairs, local markets, Facebook and handmade sites such as My Craft Shop, Etsy and Folksy. Of course, giving handmade jewellery does not need to be for monetary gain. Many people offer their makes or profits to charity which is a great way of freeing up space for more creations. 

Riverside acts as a supplier for many small businesses, supplying an extensive range of beads, findings, charms, kits and jewellery-making tools. We are very grateful to our many loyal customers. We are more than happy to offer discounts for large purchases. Please contact us for more information.

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