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Peyote Stitch and Miyuki Delica Beads

The technique of Peyote stich is one that unlocks a realm of creative possibilities. Paired with the precision of Miyuki Delica beads, this combination can be used to create beautiful intricate designs. This blog will cover the basics of Peyote Stitch, benefits of Delica beads and some inspiration!

Peyote Stitch

Dating back centuries, this bead weaving technique has been cherished by many cultures. The peyote stich is a very useful stitch to know and can be used as the basis for many bead weaving projects. Its distinctive structure creates a fabric-like texture and involves weaving beads together in a staggered, brick-like pattern. This technique is very popular due to its versatility, flexibility, durability and uniqueness.

Miyuki Delica Beads

Miyuki Delica beads are the epitome of precision and quality in the world of seed beads. These beads originate from Japan and are renowned for their exceptional quality. Crafted from glass, they are a top choice for projects requiring uniform size and shape, due to their distinct tubular form and consistency in size. They are perfect for precise design work and intricate patterns, and are available in a wide range of colours.

Size 11/0 Miyuki Delica Seed Beads - Opaque Light Mint Ceylon - DB1536 - Riverside Beads


Riverside Beads stock a wide range of Miyuki Delica beads and quality beading thread to allow you to practice this technique. When starting out with this bead weaving style, you may find a kit useful, which includes all the materials you need (excluding needle&thread unless specified) plus full sets of step by step instructions to guide you through the process. Our personal favourites, are our two beaded pen wraps and beaded tape measure designed by Chloe Menage of Pinkhot Jewellery. You can view these kits here.


Start Simple – Begin with a basic pattern to familiarise yourself with this technique. As you get more comfortable and gain confidence, you can gradually explore more complex and complicated designs.

Use Quality Materials – Invest in high-quality Miyuki Delica beads and beading thread to ensure the longevity and durability of your creations.

Be patient – This technique requires focus and attention to detail, so make sure to take your time and enjoy the process of bringing your creation to life/

Experiment with Colour – Play around with different colour combinations to create depth in your design.

Embrace your Uniqueness – Due to its popularity, inspiration for peyote stitch is endless, but don’t be afraid to add your own twist to create your own personalised pieces.

We hope you found this blog helpful and provided some inspiration of how you can use this dynamic duo to create some truly personalised creations.



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