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Spooky Sparkle Spacer Technique!

Hello Spook-iful Beaders,

What a crazy month this has been! It was so lovely to see all of you at the Crafting Live and Big Bead shows last week. What fabulous events they were. I hope you all had as much fun as we did!

The fun doesn’t stop there as we’ve got a spook-tacular weekend ahead here at Riverside Towers. Our beautiful artisan felting expert, Eve Marshall, is with us on Saturday to show you how to make the cutest little felted pumpkin! It only costs £3.50 and proceeds go to the Sue Ryder hospice charity, so it’s win win.

Plus all day long we’ve got a real treat (no trick!) for you; Natasha Rupniak is going to be hand carving real pumpkins in our creepy cavern (Riverside Makery). She will be showing you how to etch spooky witches, frightening felines and even the Disney fairy Tinkerbell into your favourite giant orange vegetables.

As well as all that we have our monthly Craft fair in-store serving you up a special dose of Halloween/Christmas/Birthday gift extravaganza. You’ll find everything from up cycled vintage jewellery, children’s toys and spooky lanterns, to christmas decorations and hand stitched masterpieces.

Speaking of Christmas cuties, last time I blogged I was hoping to show you how to make a mini Sparkle Spacer Angel. Sadly we ran out of time so, as promised, here it is for you now…

You will need:-

Silver sparkle spacers in 10mm, 8mm, 6mm & 4mm
Stardust beads (heads)
Angel wings
Head pins
Jump rings
Bag charm clasps

1. Take a head pin and add 2 x 10mm sparkle spacers, then continue to add 2 x 8mm, then 2 x 6mm and lastly 2 x 4mm sparkle spacers.

2. Add an angel wing, a Stardust bead for the head and finish with a 6mm sparkle spacer for the halo.

3. Cut the head pin about 1cm above the top of the bead and bend at a 90′ angle on top of the bead.

4. Roll the head pin to create a head pin loop at the top of your wire. Then you have your finished angel.

5. Using a jump ring attach the angel onto the bag charm clasp.

Of course if you want to make them Spooky Sparkle Spacer Angels then swap out the silver spacers for black ones, use black Beads and brush your angel wings with a thin coating of black nail varnish. If you’re really committed you can even paint tiny fangs on to their heads!


Until next time my special and spooky Beaders,


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      We will see if we can get a tutorial together and post it in an upcoming blog.

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