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Your Local Shop Needs You!

Hello Beautiful Beaders,

This week I’d like to talk about Shop Local. This is not a new craze, it is what it says in the tin; use your local shops rather than buy from larger nationalised companies.

I am passionate about this and I strongly believe that the service we provide as a local store, online and in person, is second to none. Visiting your local store you can touch and feel the products and smell the flowers, and talk about where the products are sourced.
Shop Local
Now don’t get me wrong you will still find me nipping to the nearby supermarket, however I am passionate about using small independant stores to buy everything from crafts and gift wares to food produce and nuts and bolts.
It’s sometimes thought that local independent shops can be more expensive than our high street counterparts but this I have found to be a fallacy. Certainly with my own store I am constantly being told that our prices match and mostly beat those bigger retailers in the same game.
But really why not pay an extra 5p for your bread if it means supporting your local shop and keeping the heart of small towns alive? We also complain about towns being quiet but if we want to step back to the olden days when local stores were thriving, then we really have to support local industry when we can.
Ye Olde Market Deeping
Here’s my top ten reasons to shop locally and loyally:-
1. Beat the crowds and avoid the high street madness
2. Improve the local economy
3. Help to create more local jobs in your community
4. Enjoy great customer service usually on a one to one basis
5. Build great relationships with local shop owners and know who and where you are buying from
6. Touch and feel the products! See what you are getting.
7. Get professional advice when making your product selection
8. Tell local shop owners about the products you’d like them to stock
9. Find new and unique products unavailable anywhere else
10. Avoid extortionate parking charges – one of my favourites! Lol.
We are running a fabulous offer in conjunction with Love Deepings. Its part of the #fiverfestfortnight where many stores in our vicinity (Market Deeping) are offering amazing deals for just £5. Did you know that if every person in our area spent £5 in a local shop they would boost revenue by £3,000,000!? Crazy right?
Our offer is for a £5 workshop. Pop on to Facebook to find out more or call the store on 01778 344550.
Our time is up for another week. I hope you’ve found this an interesting piece and I urge you to pop down to your local shops today and see what exciting things you can find.
Happy local shopping!
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