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50mm Eyepin – Silver Plated


Eye pins work in the same way as headpin but instead of a flat base they have a preturned loop to allow you to connect other beads and charms from the base of your pin.

Once you have added your beads and charms, cut around 1cm above the top of your beads and turn a headpin using round nose pliers loop to secure.

  • 50 or 100 pieces
  • 50mm Eyepins
  • Silver Plated
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50mm Eyepin – Silver Plated

50mm Silver Plated Eyepins are an essential jewellery making finding.  Eyepins are a wire pin with a loop on the bottom to stop beads falling off.  They also have a flat top (unlike sewing pins)

Eyepins are perfect for adding beads on to create earrings, drops for necklaces, and other jewellery making projects.  50mm Silver Plated Eyepins are a popular choice for jewellery making projects.

To use a eyepin, add a bead or charm of choice and cut the pin around 1cm above the top of the bead.  For best results use round nose pliers to roll a loop and secure the bead in place, attach onto a choice of earrings or jewellery

  • 0.7x50mm
  • 50mm Eyepin
  • 50 or 100 pieces

50, 100

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