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Spooky Halloween Ideas

Hello Beautiful Beaders,

“This is Halloween, This is Halloween!” – I’ve had that theme tune in my head all week. Talk about an ear worm! The reason being of course is that the witching hour is almost upon us (in more ways than one). Halloween is just around the corner and I for one am feeling kind of spoooooooooky.

In this week’s blog I want to tell you about some fab Halloween treats and decorations you can make at home. No need to buy all that plastic rubbish from the pound shop!
It’s always nice to have some superior gifts at the ready for any Trick or Treaters who knock on your door. This Halloween ritual is synonymous with America, however it actually dates back to 16th century Britain. People would go from door to door on the 31st of October begging for ‘Soul Cakes’ in return for praying for their souls. Standing under windows they would chant “Soul, souls, for a soul-cake, Pray you good mistress, a soul-cake”.
This became known as ‘Souling’. Shakespeare even mentions Trick or Treating in his play The Two Gentlemen of Verona.
The modern day Treat or Treating is very different and was popularised back in the 1920’s in America. Children dress up in costume and walk around the neighbourhood asking for candy. They cry ‘Trick or Treat’ at each door. The treats are usually sweets but if you don’t hand over the goods then sometimes you’ll get a Trick. Tricks don’t usually happen but when they do it’s something tame like having toilet paper thrown over your front garden.
A cute alternative to handing out candy is to give little bags of mini bath bombs instead. You can mould the bombs in ice cube trays or silicone chocolate moulds. They take very little time and money to make. Then just bag four or five of them in cellophane bags and add some orange and black ribbons. I usually add a label, just to make sure they don’t try and eat them!
Bath Bomb
To learn the basic recipe for making these beauties why not come to one of our Bath bomb workshops? Click here to find out more.
Another fun Treat is a spider ice cube. Simply buy a pack of plastic spiders, half fill an ice cube tray with resin, drop your spider in, then fill with resin to the top. Allow to dry and you’ll have a great Trick for the kids to play with!
If you’ve never used resin before it’s super easy. Heidi holds regular workshops in the Riverside Makery. To book your place click here.
Resin workshop
For younger kids gifts you can’t go wrong with cute stretchy bracelets.these are SO easy, even the most novice of Beaders can do it. Just take a length of elastic cord, thread a selection of orange and black Beads (the amount is dependant on the size you require). Add a single charm in the middle, then thread a duplicate number of orange and black Beads on so that the charm is central. Tie the elastic cord tight and seal with a drop of clear nail varnish, to make sure it doesn’t slip.
Alphabet Beads
We’ve got an amazing range of Beads and charms both instore and online, plus the elastic cord. Click here to shop for yours now.
If you are planning on going Trick or Treating yourself, or you have a costume party to go to, then you might want to consider making something to wear. Costume making at Halloween can get pretty competitive and you’ll always have the edge if yours is bespoke.
A cute and unusual piece to consider is making your own fingerless gloves. For some reason witches always seem unable to wear a pair of gloves which don’t have the fingers chopped off. Therefore why not consider creating your own at Eve Marshall’s Wet Felted Fingerless Gloves workshop? The burnt oranges and reds of the felting wool are deliciously autumnal. You could even incorporate some kind of spiders web pattern if you get really good at it! There’s more detail here.
Wet felted gloves
Eve has also created some gorgeous felted pumpkins in the past. Not only are these beautiful decorations but they also make great table place markers. Eve holds a regular felt club on selected Wednesdays her at Riverside Beads and Crafts. It only costs £5 and is a lovely, creative place to share ideas and catch up on felting gossip! Call us to book your space of click here for further details of dates.
if you’re having a Halloween supper and want a heart warming dish to serve your guests then you can’t go wrong with a delicious pumpkin soup. For a really cute serving display why not hollow out a large pumpkin and use as a tureen to serve the soup in.
Pumpkin Soup Recipe Jamie Oliver
 Click here for my favourite pumpkin soup recipe from Jamie Oliver. I add cream for a silkier taste and sometimes coconut milk for a Thai twist.
A quick and super cheap decoration for your home or party is making faux candles. These are great to dress a table or to add atmospheric lighting to a room.
Toilet roll candles
Take a toilet roll or paper towel cardboard tube and tape over one end with thick masking tape. Tape the second end but make your tape slightly loose, so it creates a cradle inside the end of the tube. Your cradle wants to be deep enough to sit an LED tea light inside it. Once you’ve made your cradle paint the whole thing white. Then simply pop an LED tea light inside and there you have it. Instant candles. Nb. Do NOT use a real flame tea light as this would not be safe!
My final top tip for budget decorating is home made body bags. These look so great hung outside your house or in a party room. All you need to do is stuff some bin liners with news paper or other malleable filling, then shape into feet, legs body and head and secure with string or tape. Suspend head down for optimum scary effect!
Dance any-BODY??
Well that’s all from me this most spooky of weeks. I hope you’ve enjoyed my ideas and feel inspired to get your spook on!
Until next time….Happy Halloween!
Donna Xx
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