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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Hello Beautiful Beaders,

Well the madness of March is almost over and what better way to celebrate its end than with Mothering Sunday. Whether you’re planning a lovely lunch, a trip out or just a stroll in the park with happy memories, I’ve got some fabulous Mother’s Day projects to keep you busy beforehand.

The term Mother’s Day is actually an Americanism trademarked by a lady called Anna Jarvis in 1912. Anna became slightly resentful of the commercialisation of the day in May that she had originally founded to celebrate the memory of her Mother at her local church.
In the UK we celebrate Mothering Sunday on the fourth Sunday in Lent. Our celebration derives from the 16th century, when people are said to have returned to their mother church (local childhood church or nearest cathedral). Anyone who did this was commonly said to have gone ‘a-mothering’. In later times it was often the only time that whole families could gather together, since on other days they were prevented from doing so by conflicting working hours.
Whatever the origin I think it’s a lovely day to cherish family and remember loved ones past and present. Now speaking of presents, it’s a modern tradition to give gifts on Mother’s Day. However, in memory of Anna Jarvis and her disdain for commercialism, I’d like to offer you some more thoughtful and meaningful gift ideas.
Handmake your Mother’s Day gifts
Donna’s Top Ten Mother’s Day Magical Mothering Mementos
(try saying that with a mouth full of toffees!)
1. Make a card, don’t buy a card – even if you are the most uncreative person in the world you can still fold a bit of card in half and write a personal message inside of it! Stick a photo of you and your Mum on the front or use a peel off to create a quick and simply designed card.
Hand make your own cards
If you want more of a professional look then why not come and join Caroline on one of her amazing Tuesday card making classes? The next one is on the 26th March. Click here for more details.
2. Momma Angel – love our Riverside Beads angels? Well why not adapt the design and create your own version, named after your Mother? Simply re-create with her favourite colour Sparkle Spacer, crystal and Pearl Beads, using one of our easy to make kits.
Riverside Angel
3. Welly Vase – ever seen the cutest kids Wellies and wished you could fit into them? Well why not use them as a vase instead? Take a pair of super cute kids Wellies, pop a jam jar of water inside each foot, and fill with daffodils and hyacinths. Spring time special – one for you and one for Mum!
4. Workshop gift – most Mums just want to spend time with their loved ones, so why not book some quality creative time with just you and her on one of our fab workshops. There’s loads to choose from, click here to find out more.
5. Paint, Plant, Pot – take a terracotta plant pot, paint it with your Mum’s favourite colour, add a painted embellishment or d√©coupage some printed pieces on to it, then pop a plant in it. So simple and so personal. She will love it!
Paint and plant a pot
Nb. For a tiny version why not pick up one of our miniature pots from our store, paint an initial on it, and plant with cress seeds.
6. Personalised Jewellery – this one is ultra easy; take one of our pre-made ribbon necklaces or beadable bangles, thread on some personally themed charms of your choice, along with your Mother’s initial.
Beadable bangles
7. Baked goods – bake a cake or a batch or cookies to give to your Mum.
If you’re domestically challenged then why not grab some pre-made gingerbread biscuits and pre-made tubes of icing from the supermarket, and go crazy personalising them for her instead? Actually great fun to do WITH your Mum as well.
8. Perfume Lava Bead Bracelet – Create a gorgeous lava Bead bracelet using our amazing kit. Once you’ve made the piece you can spray her favourite perfume on to the lava Beads which will hold the scent within their porous structure. The kit only costs ¬£4 so this is a great low cost, big love option. Click here to find it.
Lava Bead Bracelet
9. Coupon gift – create a book of coupons for your Mother’s Day gift. Offer her a heap of family favours from you and other loved ones; a crafting afternoon at home (watching me on Create and Craft TV obvs!); washing her car; a movie night; a pamper evening; Sunday lunch treat; etc. There’s a few downloadable pieces available online so you don’t even have to design anything if you don’t want to.
10. A chat – the simplest and cheapest of them all. Pick up the phone, pop over, Skype, FaceTime, talk to the sky if they’re no longer with you, whatever you need to do. A chat with your Mum is always enough. Take the time to remember to talk.
Well that’s me ending on a sappy but hopefully happy note.
Happy Beading!
To see Donna on Create and Craft TV go to Freesat 813 Virgin 748 Freeview 23 Sky 683
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