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Coiling Gismo Tutorial

Coiling gismo is a fantastic tool which creates unique and very clever jewellery making elements. This blog will cover what coiling gismo is and how you can use it to create beautiful pieces of jewellery art using just simple wire and a Gismo tool. To get yours just click here.

A coiling gismo is a specialised tool designed for creating coils and spirals from wire. It usually consists of a base with pegs, holes and a rod or handle. Wrapping wire around the pegs and manipulating the rod  enabled crafters to create coils of different shapes and sizes, in a variety of colours.

Getting Started with your Coiling Gismo

You will need:

  • Coiling Gismo tool
  • Jewellery Wire
  • Wire Cutter

The gismo will work with any thickness wire but we use the 0.4 for a lot of the pieces shown in these instructions.

1. Using the wire straight from the reel, wind the wire around the bent end of the handle a couple of times to secure.

2. Insert the handle into the correct hole on the gizmo.

3. Hold the gizmo in your left hand with the wire sitting between your thumb and the side of the gizmo.

4. Turn the handle to start coiling the wire and keep going until you have the required length of coil. Snip the wire at both ends and slide off the handle.

Double Coiled Beads

1. Create a single coil, then using the same colour wire in the thicker wire thread through the centre of the coil.

2. Attach the core wire to the rod as before. Turn the rod a few times to attach the wire and start a single coil off. Push the single coil up towards the rod and use your thumbnail to hold in place. Slowly turn the rod until the coil attaches.

3. Turn the rod until the single coil has formed the double coil. Finish off with a few turns of the rod to make a single coil.

Beaded Coil

1. Thread the beads onto your 0.4 wire and attach to the rod as normal.

2. Turn the rod to start a single coil. Take a few (about an inch) beads and push up with thumbnail towards the rod.

3. Slowly turn the rod and keep adding beads upward towards the rod. Once you have made a beaded coil around an inch long, finish off as per a double coil by turning the rod a few times.

4. Finish as normal.

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