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Hello Beautiful Beaders,

As a lot of us have been spending more time at home I think it’s the perfect opportunity to teach you a little Kumihimo technique of mine.

Kumihimo is the art of Japanese braiding, now used to make amazing pieces of jewellery. I just love it and have written two whole books about the subject. To learn a little more about the history of Kumihimo check out one of my previous blog posts here.
Lilac Kumihimo
Lilac Kumihimo
It’s such an easy skill to learn and produces truly stunning results. I find it incredibly therapeutic, the repetitive braiding is both calming and easily done while chatting to friends or watching tv.
Compared with other Crafts or jewellery making projects it’s also relatively low cost. To learn how to create a basic flat braid use our basic braid starter kit. It gives you everything you need to make three flat braids and is a bargain at only £10 (great secret Santa gift too!). Click here to get yours now.
Kumihimo starter kit
Kumihimo Starter Kit
Adding an end cap is possibly the only tricky part, and it’s easy once you know how. Here’s my run down of how to do it…
Kumihimo – How to add an end cap
Once you have your finished Kumihimo weave and are happy with the length take some thread and bind it tightly around the braid, and then use your scissors to make a clean cut and pop it into an end cap.
You may need to trim it down to make sure it fits, basically the cap should cover all of the binding thread on the end of the braid.
Adding thread to the end
Once you’ve made sure it fits fill your end cap by 1/3 with E6000 glue, push the cap on, twist round to cover the glue around the braid, hold firmly and then repeat on the other end. After this leave overnight to fully cure.
Glueing the end on
Adding the glue
All you need to do now is add jump rings to the end caps and a clasp of your choice (or you can pick up our ready done clasps). This technique works well for magnetic clasps too.
Rainbow kumihimo
Rainbow Kumihimo Kit
The most challenging part about this is getting the right sized caps for your braid. Here are my recommendations:-
8 strand braids (1mm rattail) – use 5 or 6mm end caps
8 strand braids (2mm rattail) – use 8mm end caps

You can also pick up an easy to use bead gauge here to measure the size of your braid to work out the most suitable end cap.

So there you go. A little top tip from my home to yours. Be sure to send me photos of your finished pieces, I love to see what you’ve all been up to.
I hope that you all have a happy and restful festive period and that you keep those Beading hands busy with Kumihimo projects and the like. We’ll be here and on Facebook and YouTube to help you, so be sure to stay tuned. We have some fab kits which we can still post out to you, which you can find by clicking here. Remember we are just a phone call or email away!
Stay Safe and Happy Braiding❤️🌈
Donna Xx
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